Blue Ridge Baptist Church - Wetumpka, Alabama

My New Life Bible Study

"My New Life" by LifeWay Adults is a self-paced study. It's a great Christian's guide to building your life on God's Word. There are five short daily lessons for six weeks that you do at your own pace.  Each week Bro. John provided a video that gave an overview and guidance for that week's study. Study books; a hard copy or eBook may be ordered from  Reverend Carney's guidance for each weeks lessons are below.

Week 1:  - My New Life: An Online Bible Study Session One

Week 2:  - Your New Life Bible Study Week Two

Week 3: -  Building Your Life on God's Word

Week 4:  - Following Jesus

Week 5:  - Connecting to God's Family

Week 6: - Joining God on Mission